“Fortune Tellers” by Pastor Allan

Ever wanted to be a fortune teller? To be able to look into the future and see an outcome.

What if I told you, you could, we’ll sort of.

It’s a little thing called ‘Foresight’ and unlike other superpowers, this is one everyone can use.  Although it’s available to everybody it’s often overlooked.

If you’re like myself I find it more natural using Hindsight. I make a mistake and think, “In hindsight I wouldn’t have said that” or “I wouldn’t do it that way again”.

Most if not all of us use Hindsight trying to learn from mistakes through living and learning.

But what if you could look into the future, before the mistake and before the mess. To see the outcome of the choice your about to make and then change it? Imagine the power of that.

The other day I was driving home from work. Around 200m ahead was a group of kids walking on the foot path. I had the voice of my dad come into my head, it was like he was literally sitting right next to me.

My dad had said to me, when I got my license 15 years ago, “Son, a bad driver is only worried about what he is doing and no one else. But a good driver sees the risk around him and what could happen. Seeing the potential risk a good driver reacts before the risk even eventuates”. Good advice!

As I was driving towards these kids I heard that voice in my head, so I reacted. I slowed down to 30 in a 50 zone. As I got closer to the kids, all of a sudden 2 ran straight in front of my car without looking. I hit the brakes hard and locked the tyres up and just missed them.

Thank God for Foresight…

But most of us don’t live with foresight. Most live trapped in the now with no vision of where the road they are on will lead.

If you look at any successful leader in Church or in Business you will see a number of consistent character traits. One of these is the ability to use Hindsight to reflect on the past. Insight to understand the now and Foresight to shape their future or the future of their organisations.

King Solomon in the bible asked God for wisdom to make great decisions and to lead well.

You also can ask for wisdom and vision and put it to work in your life. I believe most marriage breakdowns would be avoided if couples spent time together talking through where their actions and choices are taking them. More businesses would succeed if every decision was intentional with a long term outcome in mind. Less years would be wasted by young people if they had an end game in mind for their life’s choices.

Where are you going? What’s the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow? Maybe you don’t know. Tell your future by understanding your past. By looking at your present actions and seeing into your future everybody can be a fortune teller.

The greatest days of your life are always ahead!

Pastor Allan