Shredder Sunday.

Join us for our December Sermon Series titled: Accelerate.  As we prepare to hit the ground running in the New Year, let’s accelerate full speed ahead into what God has for us as a church, community, and individuals.

Unspeakable Joy.

Join us for our December Sermon Series titled: Accelerate.  As we prepare to hit the ground running in the New Year, let’s accelerate full speed ahead into what God has for us as a church, community, and individuals.

Love, Sex, & Marriage – Week 2: Suggestions or Guardrails?

Welcome to the C3 Boston podcast! Here is week two of our series called: Love, Sex, & Marriage. This podcast is titled: Suggestions or Guardrails? Pastor Alan Henderson shares about the difference between the suggestions of the world and the guardrails your family and friends provide within relationships.

Sweet Spot Week 2: You Won, so What’s next?

Pastor Alan explains how taking what you have and surrendering it to the Lord will get you to where you want to be.

A Side of Pride Blog By Alan Henderson

The rivalry between two of the world’s most recognizable brands went far beyond mere corporate competition. It was a vicious family feud that not only pitted two brothers against one another, but also divided the inhabitants of their hometown into warring factions — and lasted 60 years. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ […]


“Underrated” Blog by Pastor Allan 

I often wonder if, as Christians, we can tend to overrate the promises of God but underrate the principles God.

Even as I write this I feel I might have just killed someone’s sacred cow.

You see Gods promises preach well and sound great. When you hear scriptures like God shall supply all my needs or one of my favourites knock and it shall be opened and seek and you will find. What about this one, raise your child in the way that they shall go and they will not depart from it. Awesome promises, I believe them and so should you.

It is however easy to get lost in the simplicity of the promise without understanding the principles that act as a foundation on which the promise is built.

I personally know this to be true.

Jessie-Claire and myself, married young, we were 19 and 18 years old living on love.

We had a great first 4-5 years of marriage, travelled, bought homes, had successful careers. But at the 7 year mark our marriage almost fell apart. Something went wrong, did God fail us? Did he break his promise?

The answer is no to both questions. If you looked closely at our lives you would have seen an absence of the principles of God. We had stopped stewarding each other, stopped loving each the way God had commanded us too. God wasn’t Lord of our life, success was, our career’s had become our God. In almost every area, the principles of God were absent. God didn’t fail us; we had failed us. We had to act quickly to change the way we lived our life and in doing so we saw the promises of God flow through our marriage once more and have now celebrated our 13th year as husband and wife and we are still living on love.

It was 4 years ago and I was working with a large consumer goods business as the National Sales Manager for Australia/New Zealand. Earning a significant income. Despite the great income we still barley had enough money to cover all the things we wanted and needed to cover. This frustrated me a lot. I remember calling out to God every night asking for his blessing, reminding him of his promises.

Until one day he reminded me of his principles.

One midweek night, Jessie-Claire and I sat down to do our budget (which we hadn’t done in a while). As we worked through allocating all the spending my jaw begun to drop. I realised we had been spending at times multiply thousands of dollars a month on nothing. By nothing I mean – no tangible purchase. Just wasted money on stuff, but nothing necessary.

I realised that I didn’t have not because I hadn’t asked God. I had not because I stewarded not. I had not because I honoured not. I had not because I hadn’t put God as Lord of my life and made lifestyle decisions that would reflect it.

It didn’t matter how many goals I set or how much I believed or how hard I prayed I was never going to see my dreams and goals realised, while I disregarded the principles of Heaven.

Friends, greatness is not achieved by setting goals or praying a prayer, greatness is achieved by setting disciplines that lead towards your goals.

Every promise from God, is underpinned with principles. It’s when Godly principles become lived out disciplines the promises of heaven are realised.

Let me say that again. Gods promises + Gods Principles + Your Disciplines = Every heavenly promise reflected in your life.

If you want to live a long life then yes honour your parents, it’s a promise from God. But steward your health or your family or you will not see the promise come to pass.

If you want a promotion at work or increase in your business, then yes ask God for what you’re believing for. But if honour, integrity and character are not disciplines in your life you will find it hard to attract opportunity.

The promises of God are real and available, so are his Principles and you can’t have one without the other.

Much love,



Fortune Tellers

“Fortune Tellers” by Pastor Allan Ever wanted to be a fortune teller? To be able to look into the future and see an outcome. What if I told you, you could, we’ll sort of. It’s a little thing called ‘Foresight’ and unlike other superpowers, this is one everyone can use.  Although it’s available to everybody it’s often overlooked. If […]

“Me Vs I” By Pastor Allan

“Me Vs I” By Pastor Allan

Ever had a desire to change something? For example lose some of that extra weight, save money, love our friends and family more, change your thinking. These are just a few examples of the types of desires we have to better our lives. But often we don’t do what we have in our hearts to do. Matter of fact often we do the exact opposite!

Funny enough things weren’t any different when Paul wrote the book Romans, inspired by the spirit of God. Romans 7:18 speaks directly to the human condition.

Paul writes “For I have the desire to do what is right, but not the ability to carry it out. For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I keep on doing.”Romans 7:18-19 ESV”

There are desires to do good, the desire to change and the desire to live the life you’ve always wanted to. But somehow we end up doing the same thing tomorrow that we did yesterday. Somehow nothing ever changes. Same struggle, same disappointment, same frustration. I guess this is just my life… Or is it?

Keep reading a little and you will see Paul didn’t finish there. You see we serve a God that spoke to what was nothing and created everything. A God so big that nothing is impossible!

Paul goes on to say in Romans 8 “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” Romans 8:1 ESV

No condemnation, nothing! What does that mean practically for you?

It means every day when you wake up you can start again with God with fresh grace, fresh mercy fresh love. That enables you to go again and believe again that the desires we have can be achieved.

No condemnation equals no reason to quit!

There is something motivating about knowing that Jesus loves me no matter what! Good, bad or ugly he’s in my corner.

Jesus doesn’t deal out disappointment when we don’t hit the mark.

This is the key. Living life with this understanding in your heart enables you to keep going even if you’ve failed 1000 times before. You get back up why? Because no condemnation, no guilt gives you the ability and freedom to start again. What could you start again today?

The greatest days of your life are always ahead!


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