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A Side of Pride Blog By Alan Henderson

The rivalry between two of the world’s most recognizable brands went far beyond mere corporate competition. It was a vicious family feud that not only pitted two brothers against one another, but also divided the inhabitants of their hometown into warring factions — and lasted 60 years. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ […]


“Underrated” Blog by Pastor Allan  I often wonder if, as Christians, we can tend to overrate the promises of God but underrate the principles God. Even as I write this I feel I might have just killed someone’s sacred cow. You see Gods promises preach well and sound great. When you hear scriptures like God shall supply all […]

Fortune Tellers

“Fortune Tellers” by Pastor Allan Ever wanted to be a fortune teller? To be able to look into the future and see an outcome. What if I told you, you could, we’ll sort of. It’s a little thing called ‘Foresight’ and unlike other superpowers, this is one everyone can use.  Although it’s available to everybody it’s often overlooked. If […]

“Me Vs I” By Pastor Allan

“Me Vs I” By Pastor Allan Ever had a desire to change something? For example lose some of that extra weight, save money, love our friends and family more, change your thinking. These are just a few examples of the types of desires we have to better our lives. But often we don’t do what we have in our hearts to […]