Acts | Part 4: Healing in our Midst

Pastor Izak shares about healing in the Bible, and how it’s not just for the church that was alive in those times, but it’s for us, the church alive today! Jesus is alive and is healing people in our day and in our midst.

Acts | Part 3: Be Filled With the Spirit

Pastor Alan shares Part 3 of our June sermon series on the book of Acts. He talks about what is means and looks like to be filled up, refreshed, energized by and having the Holy Spirit as our source.

Acts | Part 2: The Power of Prayer

Join us for part 2 of our Acts Gifts & Fruits series! In this message Pastor Amy shares about the power of prayer, and how we are all called to pray and believe for God to do the miraculous. There is a ministry moment at the end as well for those who carry pain from times where they feel like their prayers went unanswered. Receive a new hunger and passion to pray, along with some practical tips to establishing more prayer in your life.

Acts | Part 1: Gifts & Fruits

We are excited to jump into our June Sermon series on the book of Acts.  In this podcast Pastor Alan shares about the difference between the gifts and fruits of the Spirit.  He also explains why they are for today, and not just in Bible times, and how you too can receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  Simple, clear, down to earth, you will be blessed by this message!