Superstitious – Part 3

Join us for special guest speaker Devon Frye as he continues our Superstitious series with Part 3. This is a powerful message full of the Word, that could change your life! Check it out.

Superstitious Part 2: Secrets

Join us for part two of our May Series. Pastor Jessie-Claire shares some great stories and life giving keys and principles of getting rid of shame and guilt. Do you have hidden things in your life that you need to get off your chest? This message will give you keys and empower you to get free of your secrets!

Superstitious – Part 1

Join us for our new sermon series titled: Superstitious! But first we have a C3 story, from Gaelle Duchiene, Owner/Founder of Ripple Cafe. She shares the ups and downs of pioneering a business, and the strength she’s drawn from the Lord during the journey.

After that, in his sermon: Pastor Alan explores the supernatural, the superstitious, the spiritual. We will explore what the Bible has to say about all these things, and we’ll get to the bottom of these and find truth in God’s word!