April 2018 Vision Sunday

Join us as Pastor Alan Henderson shares vision for C3 church Boston! Catch the vision, share the fire, we are excited for what God will do in these coming months and years!

Leadership Pathways Speaker and Special Guest Interview

Listen to this inspiring message from one of our leadership pathways leaders: Justin Makuna. Followed by a special guest speaker interviewed by Pastor Jessie-Claire Henderson.

Mind, Body, Soul – Part 1

Join us for April’s sermon series titled: Mind, Body, Soul. We will learn how to get healthy emotionally, physically, and spiritually! In today’s message Pastor Alan Henderson shares about how we can carry “luggage” from our ancestors or our past that we might not even realize we’re carrying! Let’s go on a journey and drop off those bags that we no longer need to carry.

Easter Sunday: Stories from the Cross

Join us for our Easter Sunday message from Pastor Alan Henderson. During his message Pastor Alan shares redemption stories from the Bible. He also features some current day stories: Cassandra and Rachel each share their own story of how God redeemed a situation in their lives through Jesus.