For the People: Seeds of Faith

We hope you are blessed by this message titled Seeds of Faith.   In this podcast Pastor Alan Henderson continues in his “For the People” sermon series that God has laid on his heart.  Be built up and stirred in your faith as you listen to this message.

For the People: The Good Fight of Faith

Welcome to our new sermon series titled: For the People, where we discuss the languages of heaven: Faith, Hope, and Love.  In this message Pastor Alan Henderson talks about good fights vs bad fights, and also how God uses those around us, our community, to bring support during times of need.

Guest Speaker Gordon Moore: “What’s it all about?”

Join us for this timely message from Pastor Gordon Moore, guest speaker visiting from Australia.  He speaks on the Daily, Weekly, Monthly disciplines we can incorporate into our lives as Christians, to help us to do the thing that all believers are called to do, winning souls for Jesus.

**We apologise for the poor audio quality of this podcast – we had to use our secondary recording method due to technical difficulties.

Living from Vision

Check out this message from Pastor Alan Henderson as he shares about Living from Vision.

Love, Sex, & Marriage – Week 3: Restoration

In this personal message Pastors Alan & Jessie-Claire Henderson go deep and share stories from their own marriage.  From falling in love, through crisis, and into God’s restoration.  You will be empowered with the hope of the power of God to work miracles in your relationships.

Love, Sex, & Marriage – Week 2: Suggestions or Guardrails?

Welcome to the C3 Boston podcast! Here is week two of our series called: Love, Sex, & Marriage. This podcast is titled: Suggestions or Guardrails? Pastor Alan Henderson shares about the difference between the suggestions of the world and the guardrails your family and friends provide within relationships.

Love, Sex, & Marriage – Week 1: Built to Last

Welcome our new series from C3 Boston, by Pastor Alan Henderson.  In today’s podcast he explores the idea of how things used to be built to last, including marriage and relationships.  Now today things are cheapened and don’t last like they used to. Hear Pastor Alan talk about how we can once again build our relationships to last!