Mind, Body, Soul – Part 1

Join us for April’s sermon series titled: Mind, Body, Soul. We will learn how to get healthy emotionally, physically, and spiritually! In today’s message Pastor Alan Henderson shares about how we can carry “luggage” from our ancestors or our past that we might not even realize we’re carrying! Let’s go on a journey and drop off those bags that we no longer need to carry.

Easter Sunday: Stories from the Cross

Join us for our Easter Sunday message from Pastor Alan Henderson. During his message Pastor Alan shares redemption stories from the Bible. He also features some current day stories: Cassandra and Rachel each share their own story of how God redeemed a situation in their lives through Jesus.

Schism: Part 4 – Us and Them

Join us for the last message in our Schism Series. Pastor Alan Henderson shares about how God heals the schisms that divide us.

Schism: Part 3 – Men & Woman

Join us for special guest Pastor Crystal Tullos from Story Heights Church in Boston. She shares a powerful message about the schism between men and woman, and what God’s heart is in bringing restoration. This is an empowering, healing, message for woman and the men that love them!

Schism: Part 2 – Two Trees in the Garden

Join us for part 2 of our Schism Series. In this podcast Pastor Alan Henderson shares about the two trees in the garden, and how we choose even in today’s age to partake of one or the other.

Schism: Part 1 – Man & God

Here is part 1 of our Schism Series. Pastor Alan Henderson shares about the schism between Man & God.

Metamorphosis: Part 3: The Unstoppable Love of God

Join us for this powerful message from guest speaker Pastor Anderson Abreu. He shares about the unstoppable love of God and how it transforms our lives from the inside out. Be prepared to get rocked by the love of God!

Metamorphosis: Part 2 – The Process of Transformation

Do you have an area of your life that you’re not happy with? Do you walk around with guilt and shame for the things in your past, even the things you did yesterday? Do you want to change for the better and break off old habits of sin? This message is for you. Join for this powerful message from Pastor Alan Henderson about the Process of Transformation.

Metamorphosis: Part 1 – Race & Faith Forum

Join us for our Race & Faith Forum where we discuss the current topic of racism, and how we deal with it as believers.
How do we honor and build relationships with those who are from different cultures, races, and backgrounds than ourselves? What do we do with hurt and pain that’s been caused to us from someone of another race?

We discuss these issues and more with Pastor Alan Henderson, and Guest Speakers Chris, and Dash.

Guest Speaker: Kristin Morse

We had the wonderful privilege of having Kristin Morse from A21 share via live video stream during our Sunday service. We thought what she shared was so powerful that we wanted to post as a podcast! We apologise ahead of time because the audio quality is poor. But if you have a heart for this social cause, you will love to hear what A21 is doing across the world. A21 is a ministry that frees people from Human Trafficking. We support this ministry as a church and are excited about the impact they are having on people’s lives.